Disappointed and Pissed / Need a price quote Justin

Jumped on the bike yesterday and once again she stutters and falls on her face at around 8000 rpm at full throttle. After flushing the filter with good results twice, I have come to the conclusion there must be a problem with the filter or pump. My guess is one or both of them are marginal and flushing the filter allows it to perform above that margin for a short time, this time it was 120 miles then goes below margin. If I just replace the filter, then it may be good for a couple thousand miles then I am right back where I started.

I plan on replacing the fuel pump assembly which comes with the filter. At least that way I won't spend money on a filter just to spend money on the fuel pump assy later.

Also, it looks like the fuel pressure regulator is integral with the filter but cannot be purchased seperately.

Guess I'm looking for a logic check on this plan.

Justin, can you give me a price quote on a fuel pump assy?
How does the inside of your tank look? If you cleaned the filter and it ran fine it seems like it is getting trash from somewhere and a new pump would end with the same results. How can the pump be the issue if it runs fine with a clean filter?


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My advice:

1. Spend $115.00 at MPS in FL and get your injectors cleaned.
2. Flush and clean your fuel system and put in another new gas filter.
3. Don't replace the fuel pump unless it has stopped working.
4. Replace your plugs.

Try it now......


@ postal

What gets me is it runs great after flushing the filter for while. Don't think it's injectors because that wouldn't happen. Fuel pump is whining pretty loud, I can hear it with my full face helmet on at 50-60 Mph and when I flush the filter the whine gets much quieter. It also sounds different when I turn the key. Fuel tank is spotless inside and I flushed it clean the very first time I flushed the filter.

as far as I can tell, you cannot buy the pump without the filter but if I buy the filter and the pump is bad I'm out an extra 200+ bucks. It's a gamble eaither way but at least if I buy the whole assy I know I'm good there, and I may have a spare just in case.

Tell me more about the injector cleaning at MPS?


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I think you guys are all barking up the wrong tree. Zurch, you said you flushed the fuel filter. What does that mean? Did you replace the paper filter or no?

My '00 did the exact same thing as yours, would not run at higher RPM, sputtering, coughing, only way I got home (400 miles away) was keep the tank full.

Did you split the fuel filter assembly, remove it from the bike and replace the filter? It's on the right side, and bolted to the frame, you have to remove the tank to get to it. It's a huge pain & I got gasoline everywhere. It was only used on the '99 & '00 and everyone seems quick to forget that these bikes are 14-15 yrs old now. All the rubber components, screens etc, are likely shot depending on usage, mileage, storage, owner care, etc.

I ordered all the gaskets I could from the microfiche + the fuel filter and just replaced everything. Your rubber fuel lines are ~15 yrs old too, might inspect those also. My fuel filter was disintegrating inside the pump- IT'S PAPER!, it was so old. Plus there's a tiny mesh screen inside the pump, smaller than your pinky nail - mine was all gummed up. Shot of air and all clean. Bike runs great. Whole fix was a couple bucks.

Suzuki obviously knew they had their head up their ass when they designed that fuel filter assembly as it was tossed for the '01+ models.

The aging of the fuel filter with the '99 & '00 are starting to get very common on this board. Multiple threads lately.

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