INFO..Texas Top End Race


I had a couple of questions that were vague on the TECH of this race, so I wrote and asked.
Here is the email that I sent and the response.

To Whom it may Concern.
I would like to race in the October 25th and 26th race, in the Unlimited Motorcycle MPH Accuracy Race.

I have a few questions.
I am riding a 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R that is in perfect operating condition.
My questions are:

(1) Will the stock kill switch that is mounted next to my thumb be acceptable?
The bike is also equipped(stock) with a "tip over" kill switch.
The tech form states "Operating kill switch or button accessible to the rider".

(2)Will the stock clamp be sufficient on the front axel?
The front axel is 2 piece(threaded), PLUS it has 2 pinch bolts on each fork tube.
The rear axel has holes in which a steel "R" style pin is inserted thru the same as a safety wire would be.

All other safety items and equipment is in order.
Please excuse my ignorance, but I am trying not to drive a great distance and NOT pass tech.

I am sure that I cannot make it in time on Saturday to make the race.
(3)Do I have to be present on Saturday, to participate in the race on Sunday?

Thanks in advance!

Here is their response.

Hi Chris,

HEADSUP---- The event is being changed to Saturday only based on the number of entries we have received. We will be running from 8AM to 6PM on Saturday. If you get there later in the morning or early afternoon, we will do our best to help you get all 4 of your runs done for you.

Regarding all the other safety are good to go with what you have said below...

Shannon Matus