Indiglow Gauges for Hayabusa

We make very high quality indiglow gauges for Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and much more, you've seen the rest now try the best!!
<span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>NO NEEDLE OR STOCK GAUGE REMOVAL

LOW PRICE $79.99 !!
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Anybody used these guys? They look alright on there website. But for 79$ I am wondering what kind of quality they are.
I dont know!!! I like what Rhythm and 469boy put out. I know there stuff is custom, and exactly what I wanted for a similar price without gouging for custom work.

I keep hearing very vicious remarks about other units out their, Im in this as a hobby not for the big cheese. I will not down anyone else's products UNLESS I KNOW IT'S A SAFTEY THANG.

Im not one to spred rummers, so ya didnt hear it from me, this post does not exsist, however......

there are a couple of companys that have different reviews from our members. Some good, some great, some not so good and some just down right pit-a-fool.

I have seen Rhythms & 469boys up close and personal, and they are very active members in the forum, so Im stickin with them, The work is very good and OH SO CUSTOM.

They both have been very helpful to me when I needed it, as I have seen they have helped many many others.

Besides from what I have read both good and bad about some of the other venders, and in all fairness. I have not seen their products first hand so it's not fair for me to say their stuff is good or not good. Pictures look nice, but!

Are the slip on's, so to speak, lifting/seperating from the stock guages over time due to static?? on the layover types. I keep hearing this and wonder? The appearance of laser cutting is nice and the reverse indaglow is cute, but isnt that what the stock guages are for the most part??

I did notice that those and speedhuts look identical minus the art differences. Same supplier?? Make a sound decesion whom ever ya choose but my $$ went to Rhythm & Rob.

Sounds like a band doesnt it..Just my .02

If their slip on's is the center hole larger to accomodate the needle etc, how much factory light makes it up through their? Anyone know? I do say that the printing does look good. I imagine that the colors are the same on all of them due to the type of paper etc used.