If money is tight.

If money is tight. - Which first, Bolt-on or pc3r?

  • Bolt-on exhaust first then PC3R

    Votes: 30 100.0%
  • PC3R first then bolt-on exhaust

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Bolt-on exhaust and no PC3r

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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If money is tight, which option would be recommended to complete first?  I didnt add full system to the list because Bolt-ons are all I really need.
I'd go with the boltons first.......they don't make enough of a change to really "need" the PC3r.
Add the PC3 when money allows......then dyno tune for optimum performance. :beerchug:
I would go with the PCIII® first. That way if you do any other cost effective (cheap) mods then you can somewhat tune off of those and then get the bolt-ons later. Just gives a few more options to you.
I've been struggling with this for a while and what I have come up with is a full system and bolt on cans cost about the same, if the full system is a 4-2-1. The cans won't add any real performance to speak of, and the full system will - something to consider before you buy two bolt ons. About the same $ - but different performance levels.

Sorry for what seems to be a question made by a complete ignorant... but does the PCII or PCIII alone, without any other mod, make a big change in power / performance? I thought the PC would make sense after airbox mods, engine mods, exhaust mods, etc, but alone would just tune the bike a bit better...

Anyway, i also thought that a full exhaust system would NEED the PCII / PCIII to work well...
Bolt on first with a BMC air filter. You do not need the PC until you put on complete pipes. Then you can map it out.
whoever that was that said the full exhaust didn't cost enough extra to keep you from buying a full exhaust hit the nail on the head IMO.. i decided the same thing a few months ago
I personally would not waist time with Bolt ons. Buy the PC3R first, and save for a real exhaust. Then again, I dont really care that much about looks. If you want a inexpensive, good looking/sounding bike and dont care about performance, then yes go with the bolt ons.

Basically, do you want the

POSER points or
POWER points?

Me, I will take the power.
Not meaning to say that if you have slip-ons then you are a poser. If I knew I couldn't afford a full exhaust for a long time, I would probably get some slip-ons. I am being patient and saving for a full exhaust myself now. Just giving my perspective on this question. smile.gif
I like to pose with my bolt on at 170 mph!!!
I had a deal I could not pass. So I bought 2 cans D&D carbon for 200.
What should I do next...TRE?
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