I purchased the HJC CS-12 Tonight


Anyone have any experience? I was looking for a cheap helmet that was both snell and DOT approved. I just wonder about the fit of the helmet and how its going to look in real life:) I got that graphic MC-5.
I have had 2 hjc12s for about a little over a year . Only problems I have had are if visor isnt on right if you turn your head at speeds above 75 mph the visor will pop open half way. They also fit good and tight for about 3 or 4 months then start loosening up a little. I have no real complains. hope that helps some.
i had several hjc helmet and had no real problems with any of them... I do agree with the dude above me about them kinda "stretching" or something.. when in doubt go with a smaller size... hmm.. other than that all my HJC's generated more wind noise than my present shoei rf900.. but they costed 2/3's less also.
I have the HJC MBII. No real complaints other than the visor shuts all the way over 75. I like to leave it cracked a little bit because of the heat and humidity down hear.