I Need New Tires


My bike has 4000 miles and it is time to replace the tires, the problem is that i dont know if I should stay with Bridgestone or try the Pilot Sport because I like the 200X50X17. What do you guys use? and what do you like?

Lots of tires to choose from. It depends what you are looking for, grip, mileage, wet weather, ect.

Personally, I use the Dunlop D208 ZR, got the front and rear package for $200.00 at Cycle Gear. You could also mail order on the internet from Chapperal, or MAW. (Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse)

The D208 ZR have a lot a grip, lot's more than the stock rubber. But becasue of this, they are not going to last very long, 4k -5k maybe. I got 8K out of the stock tire. Also, that 200 might look meaty, but it will change the turn in on corners.

Just my .02 cents.

Stealth, the one and only.

I'm getting a Bridgestone BT-12ss on the front, and a BT-10 on the back. I'm hoping to get a little more wear from the BT-10 than the Metzler Sportec M-1 I had on last. I'll let you know if it holds up well. I've heard a lot of guys use the BT10's on the rear because they're reasonably sticky and give decent mileage as well. I'm using the BT12 on front because at a 3-1 rear to front tire ratio, I figure I can put the stickiest bridgestone on the front and have it last at least as long as maybe 2 rear tires. I'll find out soon enough.
I absolutely love the Pilot Sports. They don't last long over 150mph though. Regular riding with some hard curve riding is ok for em. They stick great. I just got some Sportec M-1's though....a bit cheaper than the pilots.
i think the best one is pirelli dragon-corsa... when i shift 3-4  my tires make voice like car tire iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......

and curve option is superr..

i use m1 on the zx9r..  i dont like m1...

dont CALCULATe your money for the tires.. tires are very important your health and the bike's....