I need more HP!

Everyone list 'YOUR' ideas for quick/easy horsepower upgrades. List prices you paid as well.
I know whats out there, so I just want to know what you have done, spent, and the results.

work on your launches, 4000+rpms and clutch out hard

Also, get rid of your beginner grip and get a good aggressive throttle hand grip, where you can go from 0-100 percent power in an easy flick of the wrist. Grab your throttle with your knuckles pointed towards the ground

Rev is right about the gearing, -1 front sprocket gets ya out of the hole quick

If none of this works, get ready to put out some serious cash.

Let me reiterate... HP = horsepower, that is what I want to hear about.... I have already changed gearing and don't have a problem getting full throttle.

Please tell me about horsepower gains - what mods you did, how much they cost, and what the total gain was.
I now return you to my regularly scheduled programming................
Am I sensing a little attitude from you Cache? Keep spittin off like that and I'll have to give you an attitude adjustment mister





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Please tell me about horsepower gains - what mods you did, how much they cost, and what the total gain was.
I believe Cache Advance is looking for hard numbers . Poeple who have dyno'd their ride , then added goodies , then dyno'd again . Leaving no room for guessing . I could help you out with some educated guesses, but no hard numbers.
Sorry dude .


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Everyone list 'YOUR' ideas for quick/easy horsepower upgrades. List prices you paid as well.
I know whats out there, so I just want to know what you have done, spent, and the results.

You asked for quick/easy fixes for horsepower...I dunno if anything like that exists, maybe you should define what you mean by quick/easy.

You have also been around awhile so I am assuming that the "Pair/Full exhaust/PCIII/Airbox mod/K&N Air filter mods have all been done?
I have done all that with exception of the PC3.. it os on tap for this week.
A guy at the track yesterday was running 156hp with pipe and pc, after dyno and tuning, put out 165hp. 9 ponies with a good tuning. that is big gain!


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Yeah, thats what I figured. So I am no longer of any use. Turbo for $3-4K should do the trick. Although, if I ever get to that point I think I would be more apt to just build a better motor, increased bore, stroke, carillio rods, balanced blueprinted, up the compression to about 13:1, yadda yadda...and build a motor that would be truly (mostly) bullet proof.

But I am out of my lane here so WTF do I know?
Thats what I thought..... no, not the wtf do you know thingy...

I am leaning towards building the motor this fall during off-season. no turbo for me, maybe dry shot of juice for the track. Maybe dry shot of juice will be good enough for now for a quick HP increase. Hmm...........
1397, JE-13:1-$1000 exchange
Mildly ported head-$500
Carpenter Cams-.385 lift-$750 exchange
HMF Big Bird-$850
HD Starter gear-$250
HD Oil pump gear-$115
Big Box mod-FREE
Custom map-$200

194 HP/115 torque, on a tight dyno.
As for me...its in the works now.  My babies' body is all over the world(in the states getting big bored and crank stroked).  Enough about that...here is my listing.  This is only covering the engine...nothing cosmetic.

1397cc JE piston 13:1 with bore $900
Crank $1000 Lighten,Balance,stroked 5mm, and counterbalanced removed
Yoshimura Stage 1 cams (figured I go with the most reliable) $600
Yoshimura adjustable sprockets $110
Yoshimura Tri-Oval full titanum race system $1700
Oil Pump Gear $115
PCII $280 (about to buy the new SKI16 ECU reprogrammer tired of those damn maps $600)
Carrillos Rods $800
Stainless Steel Valves $190
Springs $80
TRE $68
Starter Gear $189
Various Suzuki OEM engine parts $500
Clutch Mod $270
Full Air Box Mod (waiting to see how much it will cost)
Labor $1000

Thats it for engine area.  More done like kevlar brake lines, HID lights, Scotts Oil Filter, 1"mirror extensions, EK 530 chain, Clear Alt clear lenses, titanuim blubs, and I think thats about it for now.  Carpenter racing ports in the future...whenever I make it back to the states.


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Yeah it's the internal engine work that I groove on for making power.  It may not be the easy way, but it should provide you with durable long term power that is relatively discreet.
May not have the same power as a turbo but should last and last if built right.

Resale should remain high as well, I would think anyway.  If I saw a build sheet like Daddy's there I would be like "cool alright" but if I see a turbo and NOS, I wouldn't look twice, you know that motor has a time limit on it and you don't know how long that fuse has been burning. Not slamming turbo's and NOS neccessarily just saying that they both shorten life, whilst doing a hard build can actually increase it's life.

Then again Daddy is looking at almost $8K as it stands now just in engine mods alone. So you could just buy a whole new motor and add a turbo to that while keeping your stock motor in a crate ready if needed for about the same money.


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stock 152 hp Dyno
Cans 160hp Dyno $800.00 sold $650
172 hp headers full system $1,100 sold $850.00
PC !! $239 (still have)

196 hp Dry NOS $ $650.00 + labor Complete sold for $450 188hp
NOS is tge biggest bag for the buck. Dry NOS is very save and not a lot of work. Almost everthing gets you money back after use.

$264hp Turbo 4 $3500 about 600 labor boom melted the head and pistons.

280hp New engine $2,600 labor traded
new turbo parts with experience $2,000 and growing
Pro tuned Motorhead (one of the best)

295hp Dump pipe

310hp Fuel rail T-rex fuel pump and tuned by one of the elite carlor (Carlito) Rodreguse in South Florida. $600

Bike is running great more hp now would mean engine work and injectors.

Those are the big ones everything else adds up 2-4hp at a time but most of the time not 2x8 mods

cams and head 6-8hp
engine work Bore (1390-) heads etc. will get you to 220hp= $22,00
plus Turbo will = 450hp

1550cc Bore heads cams etc. 250hp= $8,000
the list goes on and on and on.

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