I miss some of the older bikes


I miss the older sport bikes that had midrange grunt, decent ergonomics, some real world civility, somewhat better storage/capacity and passenger areas and just enough weight for the non track focused folks. They actually had some hips so to speak. Something like the Honda F4I for example. Always liked the VFRs too

Take the new 600s for example, they have a single purpose that becomes narrower each passing year it seems. Running around like a screaming gnat.

I LOVE rpm but riding around my parts at 12-15,000 rpm to extract the fun stuff brings unwanted attention like The Bandit speeding by ole Sheriff Buford T Justice.

I like some of the retro bikes coming out and the naked bikes though but they can vanish under a larger rider.

Could we get several big man versions of these bikes like a tall or short version? Lol last time I was at the dealership there was a guy there trying to decide on a literbike for trackdays he was 6’8” he made me feel much better about me trying to fit on bikes.

Berlin Germany

lol (and crying same time)
a bit of similar awesome roads i had last summer when i crossed the alpes from south france coast to grenoble over "route napoleon / N75 / N85"
with my - slightly changed - gen I busa
5/8" lower at front
1 1/8" higher in the rear
super bike bar 760 mm / ~30" wide

i am 6 ft 4 tall ;)

such a heartwarming riding with my busa i haven´t had for a very long time.

the entire Alps (the dolomites are a part of it) are just awesome .
damn - that youtube movie reminded me to go there more often than once in a decade.
they are only about 600 miles away from our capitol berlin :banghead:

the rocky´s roads sholud be similar? i think so



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