I know I know...another chain question....but I swear it will be quick!!


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Hey guys,

Just want confirmation that I have my chain adjusted appropriately. I am sitting at 9" of stretch on my genII and I had alot of chain slap agains the chain guard so I checked it and it was quite loose.

I have adjusted it so it moves 1" in total up and down. So around half and inch up and half an inch down. Do you think this is fine? Or should I loosen it up a bit. The manual says 20-30mm up and down, but I want to make sure that is total movement. Thanks.
With my arm Gary sitting at 5" over I found I had to sit on the bike and then check tension, mine set at 1" slack with suspension under normal compression. If I set it while on stand with my extended arm as soon as I sat on bike chain had too much slack. Pretty sure Suzuki specs are total slack not one direction only.
Thanks guys. Looks to be just over 1" with me on it. No passenger anymore either as my tail doesn't have a seat. Competing in an event this weekend, so I might make a few adjustments at the strip.