I just received a Nigerian scam email


The guys name was.........Ready?...........DR. Rev Love Johnson. I couldnt stand it, I laughed so hard. He liked me to recieved this 2.5 million dollars from the world relief fund if I just send him my phone number and address. What a deal. :laugh:

What the hell we cant say N.I.G.E.R.I.A? That is freaking stupid and should be changed immediately. If you cant say the name of a proper country for fear of a racist remark then I just give up. The world is now officially retarded.
The "*****ian email scam" is well known with most Americans and I'm surprised they still try this crap.
For the record I typed *****ian and not a racial slur.
You can't say retarded!!!! BAN HIM!!!


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Last week I won, inherited or were chosen to obtain about 10 million from different emails... I was on a roll there for a few days...
I hope he received my address and phone number before he got yours.....I'm waiting on my millions!!! hahaha! I'm rich now!
Why is N*I*G*E*RIAN censored? I don't use the word and it's rarely seen in print, but I believe the spelling in the country name needs one more letter before it contains the word that "is not spoken".

Hmmm...or is everyone here spelling the country name with an extra letter? ???
Yea...those can be amusing. Amazed people go for it..

As for the censoring, I find it extremely amusing some of the words that get censored and what doesn't. Always good for a laugh. :rofl:
I edited the censorship that was blocking the word Nigerian... :)

Where's my $10M?