I just broke a miken freak plus after 5 10 pitches


Just for some of ya'll that play softball has a hobby, I purchased a Miken Freak PLUS last Monday and it arrived late last week. Well, I showed up to the park early tonight to get some swings in before the game and I was very impressed with the bat feel being endloaded and the bat speed I was able to generate... well... after about 10 swings I feel the bat like it shattered in my hands and dinked it to the pitcher. I checked the bat out and its shattered in half at the taper of the bat (between the grip and the barrel). Shattered as in it was broken in half! It was still in one piece but looked like a limp noddle.

Anyone out there have any bad experiences with Miken bats?

I'm returning it to Miken tomorrow and I hope they warranty it. I don't see why not since I bought it at a Miken dealer AND its a week old.


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Miken bats have always been amazing. I haven't used the freak, but I know its ridiculously expensive, and you should be getting your money back for that failure.

However, you really should never have hit a ball that low on the bat. If you were playing slow pitch, then it is kind of your fault, but if it is fast pitch, then you sometimes can't help hitting that far toward the handle.

Miken bats get banned every year it seems. I wouldn't buy one for myself, for 2 reasons:

1) It is too easy to hit homers with it, and the league I play in - only allows one per game - and it is too much money and bat for slow pitch D leagues.

2) It is too annoying to have to try to keep the ball in the ballpark with those miken bats, because the ball just jumps off them even when you hit a normal popup.

Don't let them assume that you were at a batting cage. Insist on a replacement.


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I've been using Mikens for years and they are one of THE best bats made
send it back
they will replace it



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You will have no problem getting a replacement from miken. I have been using them since the Ultra was released. I currently have 3 Miken's in the bag now, lol....


Its been a few years but we had one the team bought and after about 1 1/2 innings so roughly 7 batters someone noticed it was warped. When returning it they refuse any warranty and claimed the temperature was too low, the cool evening dropped to about 65 f. They claimed anything below 75 f. voided it. I just don't think you're gonna be dealing with that in Houston. Good luck.

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you shouldn't have any problem getting it replaced.i had the samething happen to me on the 2nd swing but not that far down the barrel, they told me that the bat didn't get fully cured or something of that sort.i played ball for over 20yrs and have owned about every bat made, but the ultra, ultra2 and the miken freak plus,they are the hottest bats i've ever had.i still have the original ultra that got banned!!! we use it in outlaw tournaments around here,but good luck with your return.

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