I have the fastest & slowest Suzukis made

Pit Bull

Well we all know that with owning the 'Busa comes the title - "Worlds Fastest Production Motorcycle" - I believe that I also have the honor (if it can be one?) of owning what must be the "Worlds Slowest Production Vehicle". I didn't realize how slow my '96 Geo Tracker was/is, until I got my bike almost 2 months ago. WHAT A DOG!!! I have trouble passing Escorts, and Hundais with this thing. I know that with the larger tires and lift, that doesn't help things, but if Suzuki can make a BEAST like the 'Busa with 1300cc's and 150+ HP, they sure should of been able to make the 1600 cc motor in the Tracker make more than 80 HP or so. Anyway, heres a pic with me, the 'Busa, and the Tracker.

Pit Bull

Hey Pit, Look into getting some little Gap filler things, close off that rear end gap. I think they make some that are kinda like mud flaps you can use to cover that space... Would help improve the looks a lot. And hel lif you have a Busa EVERYTHING else is slow...
that is ok i have a suzuki and an honda
suzuki hayabusa ---175 hp
honda civic ---- 70 hp

are all hondas just slow ?? :D
You think that Tracker is slow. I know a guy who took A Suzuki GN125 Stock except it was regeared for FUEL milage on the Iron Butt rally. Now that is the worlds slowest production machine :laugh:
I guess I must be mistaken but I thought The tracker was a Geo which was a subsidiary of Chevy. Please correct if I am mistaken.
Thanks for straightening out the confusion of those who didn't know Raider Dm. There are more factory Suzuki stickers under the hood of my Tracker than are on the 'Busa. With all of the mergers and partnerships among auto makers, it's hard to keep 'em all sorted out. There is a company in Florida working on a kit to fit a v-6 GM 2.8 - 4.3 L motor in the 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive Tracker(should be finished by 01/04). Then I'll get some serious power in it and be able to enjoy the vehicle.

Pit Bull
Gee Pit Bull with the height and wheel base on that thing you should be able to wheelie just like the Busa then. Stoppies might be a little tricky though.
A 3.0 V6 that goes 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds or the 3.2 litre fuel injected 24 valve DOHC V6 with a six-speed manual gearbox and an impressive 175mph capability.

There's a thread in GENERAL about the Porsche 996 Turbo... Performance is almost the same as the Busa, but it costs 15x more. :tounge: