I got the bike back together.


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Just like the title says. Its about 90% compared to where it used to be (perfect). There are some imperfections in the plastics i got. The right side fairing had a hole that was repeaired and when i put it on the bike the bolt for my t-rex frame sliders pushed the filler back out and its cracked now and there are some runs in the paint and the tail section has a scratch in it. But i'm going to repair and repaint my old plastics and she will be perfrect again. also my belly pan bracket got bent so i cant use the belly pan because it is pushed up against the header and it will melt it so i'm just not even gonna use it. I'm going to be stretching it soon any and it will be a strip/street bike si it dont matter. But besides all that she runs just as good as the the day it got totaled. Here are the pics. The pic of the tank is where the cherry picker fell into it as i was moving behind the bike so i could hold the bike up while i swapped out the swingarms. The tank was the only thing that didnt get damaged in the wreck but i got beat up by the cherry picker. I found a good deal on one from ebay and it will be here tuesday:thumbsup:

Picture 136.jpg

Picture 137.jpg

Picture 138.jpg

Picture 139.jpg

Picture 140.jpg

Picture 142.jpg

Picture 141.jpg
Good thing your engine still runs smooth. As for the scratches on your fairing, I know how you feel. The tank is an eyesore. Bike looks perfect now though... Almost :thumbsup:
Dang! You got that whole bike back together and I'm still working on getting my new headers on! ::18 Man, thats good news!!!! You'll get it mint again, for sure! Glad to hear you're back in action!!!!!


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It will be mint again hopefully next season i'm going to repair and paint my other plastics and some of the ones that are on here now to make her perfect again:thumbsup:

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is it an illusion or is the nose a bit off center?

good work getting back going this fast too..

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