I found it


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I found the feul inj. control box I had heard about finally. Its from Techlusion ( see link below ) the sales guy said its better than pwer commander in that it doesnt fool the stock ecu but makes adjustment after it leaves the ecu and deal directly with the fuel inj. Also claims not to mess up gas mileage. Anyway anybody got this yet??? Oh and price is only $189 check it out


Cool, the price isn't bad either..... but just reading the information on the web site it seems it would take some dyno time to accuratly adjust the three manual screw adjustments to get a productive fuel map.
Alot more money, but the pc3r for the busa also sends direct to the injectors, unlike the pc2 that fools the ecm.
You'll have to post how it works for you when you install it, and let us know how hard it is to get the map adjusted good with those screw settings.
Good luck, Hawaii.

The PCIIIr is only for the 2002 and up busa right the only app I have seen for my 2000 is the PCII is the Yosh better has anyone heard anything on this new Tech one anyone using the Yosh I need more info to make a good decision