I found a Clone!


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Well it's only been a lil over 2 weeks and I have decided to wait on the 2008's and build another 2003 to my style. I found this one on Craigs list about 4 hours from me. I drove all the way down went over it for about 30 minutes, pulled the seat, gas tank ... someone had removed the Power Commander But over all not in bad shape and has only 4900 miles I bought her for $6200. Less than 1/2 what I would have to give for the 2008 and that would be before mods!

After I get my mods that survived the deer wreck switched over I will be parting out the old bike.

Kent, I am so happy for you! You could go with us in the morning you know! (that may be a bit much to ask) Seriously, what a wonderful and fun project with a perfectly customized final scooter just like you want it. Don't forget to keep posting the changeover procedure! Doyle
Pretty dang awesome, man!

If you feel you can "part" with it, I could use a rear rotor whenever you're ready! Just let me know how much you want for it and we'll go from there.