I’ve been riding about 100 miles a day


I’ve been riding about 100 miles a day? It's very addicting for me. The last time I quit (stopped riding) I put on 26,000 miles in one year (about 20 years ago). Yes, Rain – Snow - Ice - Cold – Real Cold - Hot - Real Hot - Windy – Low Elevation – High Elevation – Dirt – Dark – Light – Straight – Twisty - Slippery - Sunny – Cloudy - Buggy - Nice - Very Nice - and just plain Shi%$. Do any of you park your Busa in the garage all week and just ride weekends? I prefer riding weekday afternoons and weekends! What is this group made up of? Mainly weekenders or what?
Well let me tell you Hank ,we are probably the minority ,but I ride as much as you and all conditions too....different conditions present more challenges and I see motorcycles not as a mean of transportation only -but an adventure on two wheels.I am utterly fascinated by stories of people crossing continents on a motorcycle . A month ago some guy posted evidence of having put 100 000 miles on a 99 R1!!!!!That makes my heart skip a beat.Of course people on Goldwings and BMW:s are more likely to challenge wast distances,but I am willing to chance owning a bike that is not considered a long hauler and simply prove that where there's a will there's a way.In Europe it's more common for people to commute on their mC:s and sport tourers and standards are sold in greater numbers over there ,than In the Us.Longest stretch I ever rode was 900miles in one day crossing Texas on a ZRx1100.an I rack up miles around town to the tune of 100miles a day too...makes us better riders I'm sure ....
Some of us have shitty jobs and work 10-12 hours a day. Not much fun riding to work at 5 am and home at 5 pm, too early and too much traffic. :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:
I'm lucky right now with my work schedule. I try get home by 3:30 PM after a 2-hour ride. Rush hour sucks. It’s about 2:30 - 6:30 where I live. Seems like all the posers come out when it’s sunny and 85. With full leathers I prefer about 60 to 65 degrees.
wow hank, if i had the opportnity i would probably ride that much everyday. i ride to work, (even with the maniac commuters) just cuz i love to ride. on the weekends i easily put on about 100 - 150 miles.... i'm off on fridays and ride ALL DAY!

aaahhhhhhhh, what a life... to be able to ride 100 mi a day.

some of us can only imagine, you lucky dog!!!!!!



The only problem is finding others with the afternoons off that ride. Seen some Harley groups out, but they are way to slow for me. Getting this retired guy out riding, think he is 68? He's got a Honda Shadow and hates it (handles like crap and is to slow), he wants to buy a new bike. He has raced dirt bikes his whole life so I will let him (non-squid type) try the Busa - not even family will I let try this beast. I'll try take him into buying a Busa or at least a XX. I want to ride this Shadow
Because of my Job, I usally travel Mon,Tues,Wed, and get home near the end of the week, but am home the rest of the time....which allows me some good long week ends for riding, and I schedual my own Itinerary so I can take days for special rides when needed.

Mabe not as good as Hank...but not too bad!

Hank - I would have to echo the sentiment of 'you lucky dog' regarding your riding. Whilst I live in the same state, I'm lucky to get in 100 miles a week lately. Out here next to the Dakotas (you know they suck, that's why the wind BLOWS out here
) - anyway, the wind has been a bit nasty as of late. 20 mph, plus gusts over 30, and let me tell you, one of them coming around a curve, up a hill, and out of the trees is a thrill I'd prefer NOT to repeat real often
! If I ever get ANY time on my hands (not likely) I'd consider looking you up sometime.
Good weather and I will do 50 miles each way to work, round trip 100 miles. Some of the most open roads around. I have the luxury to leave at various times. That and long weekend rides is how I got 20k in a year
Dang Hank,

How do you ride in the snow and ice? I tried riding on frozen rain once on my Sears 106 (Yep, I said Sears). Freezing rain is much worse than regular snow or ice but I can't imagine.

PS When in the 9th grade I tried to take my dads Honda CB360 out in the snow while he was at work. He found out and sold the bike! :whip:
Sown and ice has only happened in the Mountains on a trip, what do ya do, try get out of there.