Huge problem, need help :/


Went riding on Sunday, got to the bottom of the mountain and put my kickstand down like normal..and was promptly mowed down by the bike. I get up thinking #$%& what was that?! I take a look at the bike and notice the kickstand is detached ?!?! on closer inspection the mount where the stand goes through the frame is sheared clean off:banghead::banghead:

Anyone know of a company that could repair this? The hole that the kickstand mounts to is totally MIA; shattered in a million pieces. So my bike is currently on a rear stand at home. I would HATE to have to buy a new frame to fix this; but I am totally at a loss for what to do or who to bring this too. Pictures coming soon.

More to follow when I get home tonight; thought I had some on my phone. I know, I know :rulez:
How about a centerstand? Yeah, I'd really miss the kickstand. I saw one on Ebay the other day for $80.
Buy a new kickstand and find a good fabricator/welder.
You and i can't envision how to fix it but a good metal worker probably will look at it and tell you no problem.
Do you have any idea how this could happen?

Not a clue, sequence of events went like this. Stopped the bike, kick stand down, left leg down, right leg swinging over the back...mowed down by motorcycle. I was so surprised that I didn't know what to do. I was 99% sure the stand dug into the such luck.

Picture update
Yeah, figured I'd pull the ECU and harness for good measure, seems like an easily overlooked step. Thanks for the reminder, I've had several people mention that.
that metal looks cast. you may need to look for a new location for a kick stand. something custom
I would guess that bolt was over tightened at some point,hair line crack,metal fatigue did the rest. :dunno: