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Hello all!! Glad the site is back up!! I am sorry to be missing from my second family so much as of late! I have been working by butt off at two jobs and buying a house. The house should close the 27th of December. Keep you fingers crossed for me. Other than that I have not been doing much riding. The busa is screaming to be riden so I may get her out on Wednesday for and hour or so. Need to pack up this house. Never had to move myself the Government has always paid to move me. For the most part I just sit and watch them pack everything and sign off when they are done. Man was I spoiled. So after work every night I try to pack a few boxes so I can be ready to load up the truck the day after Christmas. Wow... If you all need anything from me let me know. I will update all of you on my new email and info as soon as I can get back on line. I should be on this account until the 24th if you need me. Will chat at all of you soon.

Happy Holidays to you all and God Bless all of your families this Holiday Season...

Marc "Howlin Mad"


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Great to hear from you again Marc! I can appreciate your situation, let us know if we can help in any way.

I will likely be out your way in February/March for a business trip. I am thinking of mailing my dress cloths out to San D., then ride the Busa out. Kinda depends on the work load and temperatures then...

Take Care Marc,




Hey Marc,

glad all is going well with the house!! good luck on the move!! holla at a sistah when you get a chance.. i'm never sure where to call you cuz you work so damn much!!!! miss you!!!!! tell girlfriend that Dex misses her..




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Congrats on the new house Marc and hope everything goes well for ya. Here's to you having a safe and happy Holiday season.


Hey, don't ya'll think we need a Santa smilie or somethin'?

Big O

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Good luck and Happy Holidays Howlin'. We all look forward to hearing from you again after you get all moved in. A Hint; unpack EVERYTHING once you get moved, no matter how long it takes, otherwise it will take months!

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