How to ReMove bar ends


g,day Busa Mates

I am new to the Page i have recently Brought a 2010 Busa and i am wanting to remove standard bar ends and put after market ones on But there is a little sliver cap on the end of the original bar end and i can not find out how to remove the standard bar end

PLEASE HELP:banghead:
Welcome aboard! You need to remove the little cap at the end of the bar end using something like a small flat heat screwdriver and you'll find an Allen bolt under it. Remove the bolt and the bar end comes of. Good luck on your project and congrats on the new bike :thumbsup:
welcome aboard! :beerchug: find the SMALLEST flat head possible so you don't mar the end caps to pry them out. back them out with an allen wrench and reverse for install, BUT i advise using some thread locker with the reinstall on those bolts. vibrations from the bike could back them out a bit over time.