Bar end mirrors


Has any one messed with bar end mirrors. I would like to put a set on mine but I am unsure which kind. Will they screw into the end of my original bar end or do they replace it. I would like to find one that clamps on. Any suggestions would help thanks. I have a gen 1 busa is that matters
I bought a pair from Hong Kong off ebay. They are made to replace the threaded inserts, but I cut mine down so I didn't have to drill out the insert. They aren't the safest mod since (at least on mine) you have to tip your head down a bit to see them clearly. I think the looks are worth the risk though. Here's a pic of how I cut mine down.

Redline, I think you need to rethink your mirrors. Safety above looks brother. Have you looked at different bar end mirrors to see if they would fit you better? I'm not trying to bust your chops but you tend to look at things differently after a major wreck. I've been there done that and got the tee shirt, lol.

Op, there are several different mounting types of bar end mirrors. Check out Pashinits website and see what he has.
I've had a major wreck. I'm not as concerned with what's behind me as what's in front. I might get some cf mirrors in the future, but it looks so good without them. I can also flip my bar end mirror so they sit higher, but I feel they will be in the way of my grips and I find that to be even less safe.
I bought a set of cheap crg knockoff bar end mirrors just to see if I liked them b4 plunking down major $$ for the crg brand. I've probably had 6 different sets of mirrors on my busa and these by far worked the best. The angle of view and even the look fits 4me :thumbsup:
I use a CRG bar end. It's vibration free, easily adjustable on the fly and offers a much wider view than the stock mirrors.

I took the throttlemeister bar end to a machinist and had him turn down the end to fit the mirror.

The CRG bar end gets my rarely used, two thumbs up, KML seal of approval. :thumbsup::laugh:


2013-12-05 14.31.58.jpg
I've had bar end mirrors...and could see more and spot them quicker than stock or the better gsxr mirrors.
What's ahead should always take priority when riding, but I want the quickest easiest way to glance at who or what is about to run over me, especially the idiots at red lights. Bar end mirrors function better for a lot of folks, myself included.
Most of the cheapo's on ebay are actually decent, enough so to spend $20 to try.
The higher end like CRG or Oberon have much better overall quality and movement. You can resell cheap bar end mirrors for around what you pay for them, and buy a better set if you like bar end mirrors.
I wish I had tried them sooner.
Guess I'll weigh in here...and just my socially incorrect opinion but...

Save your money and ya just might save your life...if bar-end mirrors were a mandatory first mod? bikes would remain stock...for the average rider?...

1. They get mounted at the point of most vibration...the bar-ends...rendering many of them a useless blurr at certain revs if not all revs.

2. You need a magnifying glass to see what's in them....spend to much time looking?...and crashola.

3. (pending model) They have a hard time getting through tight spots and can cause damage to others and go downs.

4. Pending a variety of arm/wrist postions? won't see them at all.

I've loathed them ever since they came out....and I won't park next to a bike that has them...and the "I ride so fast and always focus ahead" mentality is a great excuse right up until you run into somebody who rides faster than you...and then your the A-hole that unwittingly stayed in the way of the faster rider wanting/trying to pass....and imnsho?...every set should come with a "Yellow Wide Load Banner" to zip tie on your tail...yes...I hate them and? are not cool...just different than stock and not in ANY good way...and I'm almost certain that riders have died as a direct or indirect result of such products.

Back in the day?...I was privileged enough to have been part of cultivating a pretty tight crew...we trusted each others skills enough that there were times I've seen a co-riders kill switch hanging inches above my clutch lever while we glided through sweepers and neither of us were scared let alone flinching...but if someone showed with bar-ends?....cya...I guess we just ain't that cool. ;)
Actually, mine have no vibration (which surprised the hell out of me) and I can see more road behind me because I'm not looking at my arm in the mirror. To each their own though.
Actually, mine have no vibration (which surprised the hell out of me) and I can see more road behind me because I'm not looking at my arm in the mirror. To each their own though.

cool...but how do they look when you tuck?

This is why stock mirrors are north of the bar-ends.
I haven't rode hard enough to need to tuck since I installed them. I pretty much putter around like a granny these days. :p
cool...but how do they look when you tuck?

This is why stock mirrors are north of the bar-ends.

Quality bar end mirrors work fine at any angle, assuming you position them correctly.
They do not vibrate.
Personally I can see a wider field of view behind me, and my eyes find and focus on them quicker.
I will not ride without mirrors for the simple safety of knowing what's behind me.
Bar end mirrors work much better than stock for me and many.
If the extra width they create is a problem for a rider, it only shows lack of skill.
If bar end mirrors don't work for you that is fine. Your eyes, focus, reaction time, or overall ability simply aren't at a level to utilize them. Or you simply don't like them. I also say that respectfully, as there is always someone faster out there regardless of who you are.
Your opinion sounds as though you have not even tried bar end mirrors.
If you have and still don't like them that is ok; but you have stated your opinions to sound more as fact than your own opinion.
I respectfully disagree with all of your opinions about bar end mirrors in the above post and post #14:beerchug: