How to mount your garage door opener to your Busa


This is a really neat little project. For those who have a garage door opener, here is a really neat way to mount it to your busa.

Underneath your starter switch on the right side, you will notice a blank plastic panel.

I bought a little black Normally closed push button switch, and mounted it to this panel. I ran 2 wires through the wiring harness and into my trunk. I took apart my garage door opener, and found the push-switch. I soldered the wires to the switch on the garage door opener, so instead of the big plastic button the garage door, the little push button activates the door opener.

This was a really neat project, I love being able to ride up, open the door, and close it behind me without getting off the bike or even taking my hands off the handlebars.

You'll notice the little blank panel under your starter switch. these have been used for tons of projects, from a ground-wire kill switch to kill your taillights when running from cops, to license plate hiding, strobe lights, all sorts of stuff.

Just a little project, hope this helps

Mine is the size of a standard car alarm fob.

I carry it in my front pocket. The one I replaced it with was the size of a deck of cards.

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Mikey I am all about this so post some detailed pics and instructions. I would love to make this mod! Among others!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I have started installing these. Two ty-wraps hold them to the under side of the handle grip, and all you have to do is give them a squeeze.

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