How Much would this cost?


Dis in my way!
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I was just looking through the logs on the server and here is what I observed.

Total Hits 118599
Total Files 40648
Total Pages 15877
Total Visits 7712
Total KBytes 233506251

Total Unique Sites 6645
Total Unique URLs 430

Anyone know of a host that we can calculate the cost for that much bandwidth. Oh yeah the vids were only up for half the month so this month should be about double...

Hey cap.
total hits 1990971
total files 1352818
total pages 4869
total visits 3868
total kb 18926924
total unique sites 24266
total urls 1802
Last month was fairly slow for us, the figures have been alot higher at different times of the year.
We own a webdesign and hosting business,
so have a server re-seller through Aitcom, but this would cost somewhere around $50 US to run MSF alone.
We are also currently looking for our own server.
Should have one in the next month or so, as soon as we've done comparison shopping.
Oh yeah, this traffic is for one month, and we have no vid!!!
Yeah.. thats pretty incredible. Add those numbers to the stats here for April:

Total Hits 4508493
Total Files 3020403
Total Pages 532544
Total Visits 59150
Total KBytes 61944069

Total Unique Sites 30200
Total Unique URLs 11879

Thats close to 300GB transfered in one month.. and as the capt said, the vids were only up half of April.. we'll probably do over 400GB this month.