How many ponies do I loose going to a 240 or 300?


Next year I'm going to stretch my busa. It has a custom paint job and I love the wide tire look. So when I stretch it I figure I want to just go on and get a fatty on the back! I was discussing this with a friend and he said that he road one and he noticed the handling was real bad and his friend said it was robbed of power. Is this true? and how bad does this affect the handling?
It all depends on what size tire and how you set it up. Long stretch with a 300+ is going to rob quite a bit.
I would say go for it if your into drag racing and have a big motor to power all that extra chain, wheel, and tire. I see some of them running the transfer setup with 2 chains and realized the efficiency must be dimminshed even farther. I guess it just depends on your priorities. If I were going to spend 3 to 5 k on my busa it would be for carbon fibre wheels and an upgraded braking system. Once those upgrades are installed the Busa does everything better than it did before. What do you want your Busa to do ?
My busa is stock right now and has more then enough power and performance. Some folks with 08 busas etc... have more power etc... then me but nobody's going to leave the busa in the straights or curves! I want to do the stretch and the tire for the look. My bike is my show peace and I'm not racing anyone but I would like to make sure I don't kill the fun that I have in the saddle of the busa.
I was thinking more along the lines of the 300 and a stretch with the wheel still under the rear seat.
We simply have different priorities. I am basically a low key guy even though I like the flashy stuff. When driving a high performance machine my preference is always leaning towards the stealthy side. If I feel the need to disappear before my opportunity to disappear ends the odds are better if my ride doesn't stand out. No point in getting stopped when you can disappear.
You'll notice the weight without a doubt, whether it bothers you, that be seen. I had a 240 and was up -1 +2 to compensate and I still noticed it. Being that your bike is a show piece Ill assume you cruise town and hit bike nights, if that's the case, a 240 or 300 wont bother you. Trac Dynamics does a CZ 240 kit that doesn't weigh more than a stock wheel.
Someone might post up an answer to your question. It will definitely depend on what you get. I'm pretty sure that a 330 will rob more than the 240 regardless. When it comes to physics you will simply lose performance and handling. To what extent I don't know.

Reading your post, I don't think it will really matter to you and that you will be happy with the look. It's your ride and your money ........ so enjoy.
I have both kits,240 on a bking and 330 on the Busa,I love the look and the feedback but the latter is an absolute biatch to ride on the road IMO so from my own paid for experience I suggest a 240 kit with no more than 6 inch extended.I aslo think that the single sided kits are the best option if you're just chasing looks.