How many kids you got..


I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter named Alexandra.. Wild thing she is too. always dancing , running, singing, and getting into everything you don't want her to.

I also have 2 cat's Vanessa and Lupis...
1) daughter top of her class gonna be 9 this month.
2) stepson, 16!! lives in Arkansas with his grandparents, but doesn't hesitate to use us for anything and everything. Jesus help us!!!
3) myself, spoiled and get what I want, even if it's outrageous.
4) my mother lives with her mother, about 12 miles from here. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5) I have 12 ppl at work that won't leave me alone! not only for answers, but "dude, my car is broke", "how do I do this", .... get me the f;*ck away from you, and show me to the magical coffee pot! GRRRRR!!!!

not including my family's dayam animals... 3 cats and a german shephard. the dog can run 25mph next to the busa... cool!
I have a 3 1/2 year daughter Jasmine.
I have a 2 year old son Joseph.
And one on the way no clue of the name to personal until
I finaly meet him.
2 girls 11 and 8. They live with divorced mother in Chicago...spend summers with me, and here now for Christmas holidays. I am being creative to work out this Laguna trip. Must have quality time with the girls...robably Spring break.

No kids, but a pet snake named Buster and a small rat that I was going to feed him that is now free roaming in my house...... GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
I also have a snake, names drag-on(ruff ryder fan) I had 3 sharks but they all died on me...that's want I get for trying to live my MTV cribs life.....(sharks $150.00 each/ tank service ever 3 weeks $100.00 an there all hurts!!    Sorry I got off the subject, no kids....I think???
Got my hands full with two teenage girls. Both fourteen going on thirty! And then theres little man, my boy! He's almost eight and can't wait to have his own Busa.

just alittle something I once heard: "We try and teach our children about life, When in fact they teach us what life is Really about!"
And this is my viscious Reindog Snap...(probalbly lick you to death). The 2nd ex has him but I get visitation rights. No kids with the 2nd ex. He's the coolest dog ever.

Have 6 year old son
9 year old step son
13 year old step daughter
1 cocker
1 cocker/dalmation mix puppy
1 male black kat
1 female black kat
..........oh yea and a wife in there some where starting to run out of room in the house !!!!!


Just enough room for a nice looking BUSA ......!!!!!!   if not one of the kids has to go !!!!!!




Good lookin' kids Bren....they must take after their mom...

I have 2 girls. 10 and 5. I am inheriting 2 more with the marriage. A boy and a girl. The boy is 3 and the girl is 6. Can you say the Brady bunch?
Here's a couple shots. One is my oldests birthday. Other is all the rugrats. Mine on the far left and third one in.
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I have a son Jay Jr. he is 25 years old and a daughter Bonnie she is 22 years old. Both are married, and are very happy. My three cats and my dog have taken the place of the kids at home.
God Im getting old.... I always thought people that treated their pets like kids were a touch nuts... Now Im one of them!!!
rgd808 just wait till the guys start wanting to take her out.... My son-inlaw still laughs at what I told him when he first took out my daughter. I told him " I have a 45 and a shovel! No one will miss your body if you mess with my little girl!!"
Two kitties (3 and 7) and the original Sony Aibo I won from a UK animation contest.

Here is a picture taken two years ago (from left, LaoHu, Aibo, Harry).

2. But I'm a little leary about posting their pics on the internet. Just call me an over-protective parent.