How low can your RPM's go in 3rd gear


How low can your RPM's get in 3rd gear (GEN-1 2002 GSX1300R) before it begins to kick and stall out? I've found plenty of top-end info but looking for low end right before needing to down shift or clutch it. Anyone ever test it?
I would consider anything under 2K to be lugging it but slow smooth acceleration gets you forward w/o any bucking.
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Please share hipp8
Mine will easily pull from 1500 with polite use of the throttle. And stay there comfortably unless there is a significant rise in the road.
I just read all this again and decided to pop 6th gear at 35-40mph up a huge hill. She was comfortable at that for sure, and still had plenty of torque to even accelerate lol can't remember the rpm's but it was crazy low..
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I like how to owners manual says if u are going up a hill make sure to downshift for adequate power...
Ya right... f**k a downshift...