How long till Kerbie finds out?


How long till Kerberos finds out the board is back? Even better, how long will it take him to get his master status back? I bet he gets master status back in less than a week after he starts posting again.
he hasn't emailed me in a couple days. if he doesn't notice tomorrow, i will let him know. aside from his early posts, he has been a nice addition to the board... will not like having to start over, so his posts will be quite frequent!

What do you think???
I think he was on a mission to be the number 1 poster!!! Trying to topple Ninja Eater... he'll just have to get back on the horse!
Alllllllrighty then!

Who's talkin' bout me?

Thought you could usurp the ol' Kerbmeister did ya?

Which way did he go?
(high squeaky Power puff girls voice) Kerbeeeeee!

I've seen a few of your posts of late and you seem a bit subdued. Good to see you again.
Hey guys..

Subdued? Perhaps. I already said alot before so no need to clutter up this new board with my rantings.

Like the new look of 3.1.1 board.

Sled, your avitar is squished. The bike has either stopped real fast or is going so fast that light is bending. hehe

Putting in a MCX turbo soon. Can't wait!