How is THIS for customer service?


Some of you know the situation with my new Scorpion pipes.

Well, got off the phone with a Scorp rep awhile ago. Had me take pictures in detail of the mounting flanges and email them to him.

If they have to replace the pipes they are going to have me send back my stainless steel pipes and replace them with the titanium units.

How does THAT suit ya for customer service.

If you don't know, the Titanium pipes are nearly double the price of the stainless.

Thumbsup to Scorpion. They sound awesome by the way.
That kicks ass, Hope it all works out. Post the after picks when you get a chance. ;)
Man that is great customer service! After spending all week on the phone trying to get both the retailer and manufacturer of my fiance's new aftermarket car rims to fix a major problem with them, I wish I could say I had a similar experience. I have gotten the runaround all week and finally had to buy the correct parts from a third source and pay even more money :cussing: Post some pictures if they send out the new pipes :)