How do I get that damn weight off the peg


I am trying to remove the weights off the bottom of the pegs. I even tried using a driver, the one you hit with the hammer, the name is eluding me right now. Anyhow. I got 1 screw off, the other is almost stripped. What the hell? After I do get these things off, what secures the rubber there? Can I just buy a shorter bolt?
I took the weights off both my Busas with no problems. It seems odd that your impact driver is not taking it out... Spray some WD-40 or other lubricant on it and let it soak a bit, then try it.

Yes, shorter bolts will work if you want the rubber, but I recommend trying them without the rubber. You get more leg room! If you do not like the look, take them to a machine shop and have them knurl the pegs, they will look great and be very comfortable.

Best Regards....
Thanks Doc. There is a good amount of Loc Tite on them from the factory. My brother is having trouble too. I will try some WD40. Did you take your brackets off the bike to remove the weight?