Foot-peg weights, do you really need 'em?


I have disassembled my pegs/levers/brackets this weekend (doing some black-out work, news later on another post). Anyhow, I noticed that the weights on the footpegs are quite heavy, I was surprised.

Now I know that these are supossed to be to reduce vibration but I want to know if anyone else has removed these and what the result was. Afterall, no racing peg or replacement peg/rearset of any kind has weights on them. What gives? Should I remove them or not? Sure is an easy way to remove some dead weight.

Ok, I just weighed them, and they are not as heavy as they feel (only 1.5lbs for both). Well they still look stupid.
I've got some aftermarket ones on mine and the only diffrents I have is a little more leg room. As for more vibration I have not noticed a single thing. :cool: