Home made Lo-Jack


Here all you have to do. Get an old iPhone. Get a usb plug for the power and wire it in so the phone wont go dead. Add extra line to your cell provider. Hide it under the hump. Some one takes the bike you click find my iPhone. Then you can call the police or handle it yourself for some street justice.

Not sure if anyone has done this but it would work

You're welcome :laugh:


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iphone will also drain the battery making it harder to start/steal. :poke:

Actual it could help get it back. Battery drain issue could be solved with a battery tender,assuming the bike was stolen from your garage/work place/storage facility/etc... where it is plugged into a wall outlet.

And if you didn't notice right away that it was missing,the low life scum will discover the phone as they dismantle for re-sale.Hiding the phone inside the nose or in an' un-modded hump(storage mod) might buy you some time.

The ultimate hiding place would be in a battery tray false bottom,or fairing false wall.

Of course the good hiding spots are no longer a secret now.:banghead: Oops.:laugh:

Good idea thou MoeMar:thumbsup:...folks have chatted about this on the Org before. It would be highly usefull in tracking down the "joy riding thief".

Dis-connecting the speaker would help too. Dirtbag punk would not be alerted by the phone being woken up,or low battery warnings etc.



you have to hide it away from heat or the phone may error. If you just have it on in sleep mode with no apps it wont kill the battery (made sure you mute it)


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A girl was trying to locate her phone that way the other night and it didn't work out to well. May have been her :dunno:

This is very similar to the cell phone device but better. It cuts out the phone company :laugh:

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