HID Lighting


Hello.  I wanted to find out what fellow riders are doing with their HID Lighting.  My question is do you run HID all the time both day and night or operate their high beam during the day and HID at night by changing and splicing the wiring to have the high beam switch control the HID bulb and the low beam switch control the high beam bulb?  
 Does anyone that run HID all the time have any issues with oncoming traffic at night flashing their brights at you because they are to bright?  
I just installed the 6000k  HID in my low beam housing -one bulb only from XenonKing on my 2006 L.E. Busa.  The service was fast from XenonKing a sponser of this site.  I am still adding a battery buddy, and frame slider kit before I put everything back together and try it out on the road.  I followed the instuctions and did the minimum 10 minute burn time and the light is outstanding. At this point I have not reversed and spliced the wires since I wanted some feedback before I decide. Thanks in advance.

No has ever flashed me at night with the low beam on.....on the other hand....I run the high beam during the day(all the time) and have been flashed quite a bit. I figure that's a good thing.....they SEE ME !
I have 6k low, 8k high and run high during the day. I don't give a f@$K about people getting annoyed at me during the day, at least that means they see me and I have a little less chance of getting hit.
I have a 5000k low kit and run it all the time. I never had any problems with people flashin at me till I adjusted the beam angle. I aimed it up a little bit to begin with and was fine, but I wanted it up more to shine farther down the road so I aimed it up good bit more and now I have more people flashin at me. It's not enough to make me change it back. Like the other guys said, it just means they can see me. Aside from that I can see a lot farther and better down the road, which makes it safer for me cause I can spot dangers earlier.
I would also point out that you NEED to aim it up some from stock regardless. The factory position is WAY too low and you won't get anywhere close to the full effect of the HID. When I first put mine on I was a little dissapointed cause of all the talk about how good they were; but once I got it aimed right I understood completely. Aiming is key!
yea, once I reaimed my 6000k low beam, nobody flashes and I can see everything at night. But to some of the people who say that they don't care if people flash them to tell them that there lights are too bright, they might see you better, but if they're taking their eyes off the road or being completely blinded by your lights, you're much more likely to be in an accident!