Hey, this thing is getting hot?!


Just getting used to my '02 'Busa, I use it for my daily commuter into NYC. But I have a question for you longer term owners. The frame on my ride gets hot, I  mean REALLY HOT! Is this normal?  It gets hot enough that I'll never ride in shorts again, and hot enough that if your not moving at a pretty good clip (which fortunately is easy to do on this thing) your jeans will get uncomfortably warm.
Is this just a 'feature' of GSXR type bikes? Or am I the only one.

I saw a bunch of threads about bikes overheating but mine isn't doing that...the gauge is dead center and never really moves to far north of there.

Any info would be appreciated.

Normal. The frame is linked directly to the engine, so the frame will act as a 'heat sink'.
i dun find the hot frame a problem, the plastic knee thingys pretty much keep me from touching the frame when in shorts, and i use the heat to keep my gloves warm on cold nyts when i'm parked, juss tuck them up tween the tank n steering head and they're toasty when i come back