HELP - Seat Locked?!!?


I posted this on the B-King thread but being desparate I am posting it here so more eyes can see the problem. :please: Here's the thread:

Any ideas how to get the seat off when the cable is disconnected?!!

I'm adding some electrics to my King and I'm using a power/fuse box. I was looking for a place to locate it and was trying it out to see if it worked with the front seat on. Soon as I heard the "click" on the seat lock I remembered that I had taken the side panel off and to do so, I had to remove the seat unlock cable!!!!

I'm afraid I'm screwed ... I don't see any way to get it off and I am supposed to leave early Firday morning for a three day trip!!

Not sure if the Busa's seat is similar to the Kings or not ..... has anyone ever locked their seat on and had to use an alternative way to get it off???

thanks ......


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Trust me... If an Oh Shid moment can happen someone has experienced it and probably posted it here :laugh:


Thanks all ......... I went to a dealer near by and checked out another B-King and thought I saw a way out. Came back home and fabricated a "hook" out of a coat hanger. It worked! It wouldn't have been possible however, if the cable had been attached but I had forgotten to hook it to the unlatch mechanism!!

Apparently there is a lot of difference between the King's seat and the Hayabausa!

I appreciate the comments and questions trying to help. For everyone's info - the King has a separate front seat and a pillon (although not much of one!). To take the front seat off, there is a lock on the side which actuates a cable to release the seat. Once the drivers seat is off you can manually pull a cable to release the pillon. When you remove the side panels, you have to disconnect the locking cable to free it up so you can remove the panel from the bike. That is why the cable removed in the first place. And, as I posted, I accidentally put the front seat back on before I hooked the cable back up.

Thanks again!!!


Next time this happens you can get to the 12mm nuts that hold the lock pins in place on the seat, if you undo both nuts the seat will just come off. Then you just have to pull the latch to get the pins back out, then just bolt it all back together.

Its easier to get to if you remove the tail plastics aswell this is only if the rear seat is still off. Just remove the 4 bolts holding it in place and the 4 split pins holding it together (just behind the riders seat) and it will slide off.


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