Help on wiring up running lights


Can someone tell me how to wire up the front turn signals so they will work as running lights also or is there some kind of converter you can buy to make this work? Thanks
Two options. First is to change the sockets for dual-filament bulbs. The running lights will run at 5W, not very bright.

Preferred option, use a trailer light module, running single filament bulbs. Either change the relay to keep the blink rate normal or add two 6.8 ohm, 25 W power resistors in parallel on each bulb.

For either option, use the brown/black wire wire that has a loose connector in the front for the running light power. That is what it is used for on all non-US models.
I don't have any good pics with them running, but try this one. Just wait for the last frame, it's an animated GIF.
i just got a european headlight switch how would i wire it in like the factory does for non-us bikes?:cool:
You would need to buy a new headlight assembly. That can be very expensive and, since you have to run the headlights here anyway, it would be utterly useless.

So, the first step would be to remember that I wrote a whole step-by-step article on this almost two years ago, find it on the board, finally pin it so that everyone can find it and link it here.... Oh, hey, and I just did that for you guys. :D

Now you have no excuse for getting to the stores to get the two needed parts for this project.