Full brightness running lights


I wanted to get more visibility by turning my turn signals into running lights. Originally, changed out the socket and went with a dual filament bulb, essentially, got half power running  lights, better than nothing. However, installed Priority Lites coupler which are used to turn your rear turn signals into running lights. Wired it into the front turn signals wiring harness, tapped into the low beam, good ground to the frame and volia, now I have full power front runing lights. Very pleased and they match the intensity of my Priority Litres Plus which I installed for the rear turn signals. The only down side is that you need to keep the battery charged up during down times, otherwise, very visible and conspicuous. Rafael


also you could use regular bulbs and use relay(s) to cut the light off to flash
In other words the trn signals have power and ground at all times with the key on -- so taddaa running lights -- the relay(s) would interrupt power to make them flash
I did somthing similar to this on my last bike
BTW nice to meet you today N&E