HELMETCAM:  Dinner Ride 6-18-2003


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Went on the bi-weekly dinner ride and taped the whole thing with my helmetcam. Here's a few pics. Beautiful weather all night for riding thru the country side's twisty roads, a couple of higher speed drags, a police car followed us doign 50 for about 25 miles. Rode out to Steak Center in State Center Iowa. Cook your own meat on a huge grill. The cruisers were up front so I didn't get much of them on film. It's sponsored by a local SUZ/KAW shop. Fun had by all, much networking. Found some local sunday riders to hook up with.
Starting out:

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how to self inflict leg cramps:

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"Is that cop still back there???"

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Ooops! Forgot front brake was still on.

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200 on the speedo??? ummmmmm maybe not

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grill'em up! or "STIMPY! FETCH ME A GLASS OF MEAT!!"

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... tummy's full.... cool sky.... heading off into the sunset.

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$375 Samsung SCD23 DV camcorder with a wide angle AND a fisheye wide angle lens [don't ask!] duct taped to the side of the helmet. Half inch foam tween cam and helmet for vibration, cam wrapped and taped inside a baggy for water or bugs, tape over mic to cut excessive wind noise, manual focus set to distant for wide angle, digital stabilizer on, cut wind noise turned on, I need to set white balance also cuz the color shifts with the lighting. One UV lens protector on front that I use as a bug and rock protector, lens cleaning fluid and lens tissues in pocket. I'm gonna work on a velcro strap down thing soon. The video looks alot nicer than those stills. They're gonna play it in a loop at that local shop I think.
I learned with the fisheye, I have to ride a LOT closer to other riders to see them close enough. I will try mouting facign rear next time to catch other riders head on but wonder what cornering will do.

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