Helmet for demo rides?


Heading down to bike week, but am going by plane.  I'd like to demo a few bikes while I'm there, but don't plan on bringing a helmet.  Does anyone know if helmets are made available for use on the demo rides?
Can't be for sure, however while I was in Washington I rented a bike for the weekend and they rented me a helmet. You have to wear a hair net while using it. But who knows how many people have had that thing on! My advice is bring one if you have it. You could even ship it to the address you'll be staying out to avoid trouble at the airport. What I found was that most places DON'T have helmets for rent.
If i remember correctly from last year to test ride a bike you need gloves, a riding jacket, and a helmet. So take one along. and let us know when you are gonna be there I'll be there thurs-sat afternoon.