Victory Demo Test Rides

Sum Beach

Just found out that that Victory Demo bikes were in town this weekend and we missed it. However they will be heading off to Loxely, Alabama on June 18 and 19. We plan on buying a cruiser bike for commuting to and from work and saving the fun bikes for the weekend! Even if we dont buy one its still going to be fun to ride the hell out of somone elses bikes and use their gas!!
26305 STATE HWY 59
LOXLEY, AL 36551
June 18 and 19
They're up here at Americade as well. I didn't get a chance to get on any demos because it's been raining all day today and doesn't look any better for tomorrow, but I do have a demo setup next week on a Can-Am Spyder which should be tons of fun.
Test rode a few in Huntsville, AL not long ago. Rode the big fairinged one and the Jackpot(I think). Big one was too heavy for my liking but the Jackpot was cool. Rode well and handled decent at the slow speeds we had to go. Have a Spyder so get to ride/drive that all the time.
looking forward to a test ride. I didn't do it last year cause I just couldn't cheat on my busa. (It's and obsession) I would like to test ride a spyder though. Heard they are pretty neat.
I remember the last demo ride I did. Doin the group ride thing a coming up to an intersection. Well the light turned yellow and normally being that close I would have just twist the wrist and gone but being on a much bigger and heavier bike I decided to stop. Well that $25k Corry Ness edition Vegas Jackpot dont handle or stop anything like a Gixxer and I slid that freakkin fat bike halfway through the intersection smokin flat spots in the new tires. The group safety leader just about fell off his bike laughing as I actually slid past him into the intersection. Yeah I was a little embarrased as I rolled back into place in the group. It was a learing lesson!!!!
Do it.. I had a great time.. I would love to have a Vision in my stable..

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My older brother worked at the Victory dealer here for many years until it closed. He is a diehard Yamaha rider and he rides hard all the time. He had nothing but good words about these bikes. I dont think he would say it if it weren't true. I think the M109 is my person pick for a second bike, but I always liked Suzukis. My 'busa is #4.
Do it.. I had a great time.. I would love to have a Vision in my stable..

I saw a bunch of the Vision 8-Balls up at Americade and damn those look like some awfully heavy bikes. I do like the six shooter looking exhaust though!