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Just wanted to start by saying hello to all the members. I've been reading the board as a guest for about a week, and I've been impressed with the content and design. Looks like a very good board.

I got my Busa 10/23/03, and all I can say is HOLY S$%# !!!

I love the bike. My H-D weighs about 800 lbs, so the weight of the Busa isn't a problem, and I've ridden since I was 12 years old. I'm not into the wheelies/stoppies/stunts, I just love the performance and handling of the bike. I'll let someone else make all the cool videos.

Ride safe!
Welcome! You will love this forum. I know it has been a wealth of knowledge for me.
Hey, isn't the 2004 National Roundup in Wisconsin next summer?
Welcome :beerchug:

Is snowing up there yet? I think my first reaction to the bike was the same as yours. HOLY S$%#!! :super:
Welcome :newbie:
Glad you decided to join! Post some pics of you and your Busa...we're all very much in to photos around here :D
Like VA said we are all into pics. Enjoy the bike and welcome to the board!
Welcome Jim. The people are great here. Just don't be annoyed if someone takes a shot at Harleys once in awhile.
Welcome! You will learn alot about your Busa here, and Harley's rock too.
JT2! :D

Welcome. My response to my bud after the test ride was, "That bike is scary fast!" It still is but I ain't sceered no mo!

Congrats on your new obsession!
Nothing betta than having two bikes but I know which one will get the most attention ;) , welcome aboard stkr00
Welcome to the board. Even when you are away from here for a bit you will end up back and feel right at home. Any questions just let them fly and atleast a couple of the members here will know the right answers for ya