Hello All


Hello everyone I have been reading this message board for a while now and I decided to break down and get the 'Busa, I Thank you all for your helpfull posts, it made my decision pretty easy and I am happy that I chose this wonderfull bike. It is as much fun as you all say it is and then some. I decided on the 40th Anniversary edition (I really liked the black frame) well anyway here is a pic.


Looks great! You've got some great riding in Colorado...I'll be out there in March; expect to see you cruising the streets with a HUGE grin!


Now there is another Colorado Bastid around to torture me while I am stuck in Florida....Ah well. Bike looks sweet, Hell the background looks sweet. Makes me miss home.
Revlis - you think being stuck in Florida is a bad thing?
poop, that's where I'd like to live!
Lived in Colorado...I do miss the mountains, but I like the water too much to move back...


Congratz bro!!  The more I see that bike the more I like it!! Oh wait I got the fastest color...disregard the first comment.  Go blue/silver
Welcome to the board, I know you will love the busa, just dont LOVE your busa.:laugh: Hey as far as Florida goes I am in Orlando and the weather in the summer is terrible, it is so hot during the day then it rains at 3 every day, then it gets hot again then it night and it is still 8 or 90 out. The only good part of Florida is the winter months when the weather is nice for about 2 or 3 months. There is unlimited riding then.