Headlight Bulb replacement


I need to replace my dip light bulb as it's blown so I'm going to install some brighter bulbs, not HID but brilliant white or something like that, both dip and full beam, and maybe change the small running lights to white or blue also. My only issue now is how to get to the bulbs!! I don't have a manual with the bike, I downloaded one and it seems to me that you have to remove both side fairings to get the front cowl off, is this correct? Is there an easier way to go about replacing the bulbs?

Cheers all.
No just take off the black side plastics and ur gauges and u should be able to get to all the lights thru there and why not go hid they make a big difference I just installed the 4300k so theres no blue in them and are super brite
Above yourfront fender is a plate with 4 push pins,pop them out and remove plate,reach up in and find wiring to bulb,unplug wiring,theres a metal clip that hold the bulb assembly in,just push on it and it will unhook,remove bulb and remove bulb from holder,reinstall,rehook clip,plug In,reinstall plate,good to go

Dont remove any side panels or covers by guages,this only takes less than 10 minutes to do after youve done it once...