Headlight bulb burns up on the way to work at 11pm

Odd for a 3 month old bike with only 4300 miles. My dumb mistake though, put in a Silverstar the day I bought it without asking the question here about the duribility of the bulb. Lots of angry cagers getting blinded in oncoming traffic, oh well:whistle:. So I e-mailed XenonKing.com <---.org sponsor:thumbsup: and got two reply e-mails and a 6k hi-low kit ordered all in the span of about 11 minutes. These guys are very quick and the customer service is amazing. I will be a very satisfied customer if the HID's are half as good as the service but I'm sure they will be awesome as well. Absolute pleasure dealing with XenonKing, especially being able to order a kit at 1am! :beerchug:


You'll definitely be happy with HID lighting. The only thing is, you're gonna kick yourself for not doing it sooner!
That's what I hear from everyone but I've been too tied up buying extra gear instead of starting the on the mod list. Looking forward to the install this weekend....hopefully. Come on UPS


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You will be happy with the kit. Just make sure you do the burn in on the bulb as directed and take your time when installing it. That was probably the best mod I have done to mine so far.:thumbsup:


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I will agree! I called them around 11pm their time and he helped me with a ballast issue. Amazing customer service and a great product...and install took me about 2 hours. (Figuring out how to pull the front end off :p) wiring is soooo simple)

You'll love it!
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Well quick and simple comparison.....

75 watt SilverStar - - Comparable to two birthday candles and a mirror!
35 Watt HID - - Like a search light only not blinding...

Your gonna love that HID, plus you'll be dodging bugs you didn't know were there...


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You'll like the HID, but there is nothing wrong with SilverStar bulbs. I had one in my Busa for a couple of years. You need to make sure any headlight bulb you install is absolutely clean. Fingerprints and dust will shorten the life of any bulb.

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