Heading out on trip


The milkman cometh!!!
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I have been slammed at work since the first of the year. It is time I take some time for ME. I told the boss this last Thursday that I will be gone next week on vacation. Yes I told him not asked him. :laugh:

In the morning I am heading out on the Harley for a nice long road trip. Yes I am taking the Harley because my knee has been bothering me because of work.

Heading up to the U.P. of Michigan and from there who knows. I need this and it will be fun. I will post pictures as I am able to.

See you all when I get back.

Have a good trip, and take pictures when you stop to take a break.

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Have fun, be safe and stay outta trouble! If you go through Detroit let me know, my other half is still up there.
congrats! have a great time and take plenty of pics :beerchug:
be safe, have fun, share the pics when you can, ride some awesome roads and above all else relax and unwind like there is nothing else on earth
My neighbor just got back from there, 12 hours straight on a 2006 gixxer 600.

Have fun!