Header Gaskets ????


Hey guys ,
I recently removed my exhaust header now i'm ready to put it back on. My question is can I use my same exhaust header gaskets or do I have to buy new ones ?
I'm using the same header
Thanks for the help
I have a 2001 with 6500 miles
Sure,dont it lots of times. Just check for leaks (fire it up) BEFORE going thru all the hassle of re-installing everything.

They dont last forever,because they are a "crush type" gasket. So dont think cranking up those bolts super tight will fix a leak.

If yer not in a hurry,and cash is no prob,then order some. I had to once,with about a dozen header swaps on 2 Busa's.

My "rule of thumb" is if it falls out(gasket/s) or can be easily pry'd out with any bike header removal,yer usually good to go. If they are rusted in place or rotten well then....off you go to the parts store.

Flat head screwdriver, pop them out and flip them over, reinstall..