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I got my Hayabusa.org shirts in the mail yesterday. I must say that I'm extremely happy with 'em. High quality shirts, not junk. Only problem is I apparently f'ed up when ordering. I meant to order all short sleeve but I ordered two of my black shirts in long sleeve. Oh well, they'll come in handy for tinkerin' in the garage this winter I guess. :cool:

If you haven't ordered yers yet, get with it. It's a good cause and the shirts are great! :super:
Got mine yesterday also.

Awesome price, fast shipping, great communication and a good guy, will buy again ++A++


Guess I can place my order now that I'll be a Busa owner! :D
Well, you know I'm supposed to be doing some actual work, but who can work when you're getting ready to bring home a Busa!?

Ummm...you know, I don't even know what time the dealership opens up tomorrow! I need to make a call. We won't see the bike tonight...just get some dinner and a hotel, then try and sleep. HA!

How many hours? Too many!

Think the hubby will want a shirt?! After he rides it, he might...
Yeah, I talked the shift commander into letting me off early to go pick mine up. Couldn't stand it!!! :super:
You all crack me up. I have to clean mine up tonight. I rode her last night and so many bugs sacrificed there lives to just touch her once.

Todays special: Buy a t-shirt and the Captain will give you a free Angora Rabbit.