Shirts are up and ready to order.

if you carry my shirt out... please keep the shipping fee... put it towards .oRg costs..

after all, the Vman shirts are a steal anyway.. (

I think a Vman tshirt group photo at Bash would rock myself... I bought a couple extras just in case someone forgets... anyone else up for it?

What about a VMAN1300 group ride through the dragon after the photo shoot. Not at VMAN speeds though.
Here are some other pics.....




Order placed..... thanks Cap. for your effort
Will ship to LYCAN and he will bring it to the bash with him.
I just ordered a bash shirt and a vman shirt. Cant make it down to the bash this year...I'm hoping on the fall bash...will see. Have fun everyone..And ride safe..
Busa whipped I'm with you man. I am thinking about seeing if anyone wants to do a Night a slow sedated pace ;)
We should raise the vman shirt to $50, and lets donate the profits to the cancer society... Do a benefit ride in tribute to VMAN, and raise some $ for the American Cancer Society, Kevin would be proud :thumbsup:
I should have asked this sooner. I want one xl and one big enough to go over gear. Is 4xl big enough for that?
I only say this cuz I got an xl last fall, when it got washed it had some shrinkage to about the size of a large(or what I imagine a large should be)