Hayabusa Handling and Comfort


Hi guys,

I'm new to the board and I have a couple questions regarding the Hayabusa. My last bike was an '85 V-max. On the V-Max I felt that I could really get the power to the ground well. It wasn't too light on the front end, nor did it want to break free all the time. I felt that it was very controllable. I sold my V-Max when I got married 13 years ago and I'm getting the itch for another bike. The Hayabusa is one that has caught my attention :cool:

My questions are as follows....

How well does the Hayabusa get it's power to the ground? Does it launch well from a standing start without wanting to stand up all the time? Is it controllable in stock form or is it really difficult to get the power to the ground?

Now for comfort...

I recently went to a local showroom and sat on a Hayabusa and was surprised at how comfortable it was. I am 6' 1" tall and the bars didn't seem to be in too bad of a position. For you guys that are close to my height range, do you feel as though the Busa gets a bit uncomfortable on long rides? Would a set of heli bars (I think that's what they're called) improve the comfort of the bike without taking away from it's good handling?

Any information that you could provide would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys,

When I bought my Busa it had a Baldini Special on the back & it was wheel spin city.  I considered taking out a spark plug to control it.  However, I put a 208 on it and it is SUPER DELUX!  Wheelies whenever you want.  Only had one supprise wheelie, but that was cool anyway!

Buy it, you wont regret it!

Ride Safe! :super:
I've only had my Busa for about one month. Most incredable motorcycle I have ever owned, and I've owned many. The Busa can be gentle as a lamb, or as bad as a 500 pound gorila. I read everything I could find before I bought the busa, and asked a lot of questions on boards like this. The Busa is everything I hoped it would be and more.
The Busa does an amazing job of putting its power to the Pavement. BUT, them tires must be warm, otherwise you will get a lot of rear wheel spin which is also fun.
Under max acceleration unless you dump the clutch or catch some air over a rise in the road that front wheel just hovers right along the road all the way through the gears.
If you get sloppy with the throttle around 5-6KRPM in either first or second and snap it open you will get a nice tasty wheelie without much drama.

But the length and bias of the Busa really makes it a snap to put all that power to the ground just as hard as you like... If you have the Pills that is... ;) It can be a little un-nerving the way this thing pulls... It's cool...

First welcome to the board :D

Comfort was a very big concern for me, so much that it took me about 8 months to finally get the bike. But then again I am a bit slow  (well not anymore since I own the Busa)
I asked everyone every question I could find that owned the Busa,  about comfort.
I have a different issue though, I am only 5'7" tall. So my reach to the bars is a bit different.

To be honest it was a bit uncomfortable with the lean and having to keep my head up. After about 400 miles I put heli-bars on the bike, man what a difference. I am now one with the Busa.
For me with the heli-bars, this bike is my new sports tourer.

I also own a Honda Valkyrie, so maybe I got use to the upright sitting position.
The Valk is a fun bike to ride, but in terms of fun and pure excitement the Busa is a 10+++

See if you can find a place where you can test ride one.

Good luck, I don't think you will be disappointed with the bike

Oh, and the power!!! :drool:    

Ride safe
No problem getting the power to the ground at all. It is really a pussycat under 5000 RPM, but it really pulls hard above that. The front never comes up unless I want it to. I am 5'10" and the bike is very comfy. Get the heli bars and a gel seat and you are good to go for long long rides.
Welcome to the board. Just buy the bike. It is great. It is awesome. You'll love it. There is no other like it. Bla Bla Bla.
Hi guys,

I'm new to the board and I have a couple questions regarding the Hayabusa. My last bike was an '85 V-max.
O ya....almost forgot to offer my......CONDOLENCES.

   hee hee hee .

  Those V-max-i pad bikes were sort of crummy.

   They remind me of an old mustang with a turbo charged big block .  Fuggin' great ....if you always travel straight roads .    They both handle like shid .  Kinda look like turd too.

    Welcome to the new millenium....and the site.

      Be good...or you'll get a bad reputation...like me.

    hav a good 1.....RSD.
running 9.51 in a quarter must be doing something right
i would say it puts power to the ground pretty good :cool:
Sorry dude, i rode a friends v-max while he rode my busa, and wow thats the most I ever wanted my busa back under me. The V-max is awsome and all but handles like crap. Ya it was fast and all but i've read articles about the V-max that say's and I quote "The V-max writes checks that it can't cash" I think this is for the driveablility and handleing they were refering to! WOW the busa is a hundred times more comfortable in my opinion. I've broken my tail bone on atv's before and the V-max didn't make me feel good (my azz that is). So I give the busa TWO THUMBS UP !!!!!!!!!!:) :D
I was in your position last April - wondering about a Hayabusa -I went from a Sport Touring bike -Triumph Sprint ST - to my Hayabusa and it is just as comfortable on trips - but it handles better and is way faster and a hell of a lot more fun. By it - you wont be sorry!

Technology has come a long way since 1985. The Busa is a good example of this. Buy it and I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. Ive ridden a V-Max, newer than 85. The busa out handles the Yammy in ALL performance aspects. Yes, the busa also is the most comfortable sportbike for us tall people in my opinion. (6-4 230 here)
Max, I am almost 6'2" and would never think of putting risers on the Busa. I like the feel and stance the way it was designed. It makes it easier to launch.  :D

Speaking of launch, I think I'll have a bowl of soup!

Anyway, I digress.

Coming from the VMax, you will be right at home with the way the Hayabusa, with a good head on your shoulders, will deliver everything from acting like a fresh new kitty kat that purrs around town like your going to pick up some groceries AND it will turn it's snorting nose up at the finest of all sportbikes to give a swift lesson in 'who the hell is really the boss you just had to ask didn't you' bike in an instant! :type:

But, then again, you had to ask didn't you!?  :cool:
Have had many none compare,one well thought out machine.Heli bars 6' 2" 220 and comfy as a bug in a rug.All the rest has been said.Get one get it now and all else will pail in comparison.
Wow!!! Thanks for all of the great responses guys :D That pretty much covers the questions that I asked. I am really impressed with this board.

I'm sure I will have some more questions as I move towards my purchase. I'll be buying a new bike, so it looks like I'll be stuck with the new color schemes :super: Actually, That purple looks like it may be pretty cool. Gotta see one in person first :cool:
Comfort for the long haul on the Busa is somewhat subjective, though I can tell you that the bike puts the rider in a fairly comfortable position while riding. The power the bike puts to the ground is simply amazing. Theoretically you could keep the bike in first gear when riding, even on the highways. However, it's more fun to run through the gears to feel the surge of power each provides.