Hayabusa center patch?


Does anyone have or know where i can find a 12"x12" Hayabusa logo patch for my vest? I would like a black or grey one. I found a custom embroidery shop but they will not make only 1 patch. Maybe if someone has had a patch made with the logo on it they can go to the shop and have it made bigger? I've been all over amazon and ebay. I know I cant be the only one who has wanted this done. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
Not sure if you will fine one. I think Suzuki has the market on it. Did you check the Suzuki site? Good luck
I put this in the search on Google 12"x12" Hayabusa logo patch and it seems like a lot of offers for custom made patches
Send a PM to a member here by the name of fire fighter 109

He can make them, does GREAT work, and his price is good! :beerchug:
this is something that i'm looking for as well, i'm about to go to the place where i get my embroider done...he will have to get it everything digitized $$$$, but after thats done, he will be able to process everything that i want...:cheerleader:
IDK? I got my hayabusa patch for the back of my jacket off ebay. not sure if its 12x12 but it still looks great. Put a top and bottom rocker on to take up the rest of the space
my shirts are done, i counldn't find anything i like, so i had this made...:thumbsup:


I have a high-rez picture on my computer of the Hayabusa kanji of you need a pattern. They can re-size it for you. PM me if you need it.