Hayabusa jacket patch?


Does anyone know where I could buy a large stiched hayabusa patch that could be put on the back of my riding jacket. I have seen smaller patches with the bird, symbol, and name but have no idea where I saw them. I could use a little help from the board if anyone has any ideas. Thanks all, Chris
Thank you.
I checked out the site. I'm looking for a patch that has the symbol, and the Hayabusa name. The graphic on the main hayabusa.org page is just what I am looking for. The patch needs to be around 8-10 inches (so I can cover the "Hi Dry" markings on the back of my jacket). THanks, Chris.
After a fairly extensive search, I came up with zip.
What I ended up doing was copying the busa symbol from the page background and sent it to an embrodier (sp). They will be able to stich the pattern right to my riding jacket. Not sure on the price but will post when I find out. Chris