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I have to ask, have any of you seen the new 1800-collect commerical at the rock store?

when did thay put in a pay phone at the parkin lot of the rock store?

Just makes me want to go back to Cali that much more.
Sorry, don't watch much network TV. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Come to Cali, I'll take you to the Rock Store. Only this time we'll DO The Snake. AND that road from the vid with the 6ft from the edge track.
Hey Josh!!! I saw the commercial too!!! Check out these pix for a trip down memory (Hayabusa Cali style) lane......

smooches...... Lo

now that pic brings back memorys, and good ones at that. But you do have to admit, thats one motly buch of busa riders!! But by god it was a hell of a time wasnt it?

Bren, Im up for the Snake, Im up for the Edge, hell, I just want to go back to cali and stay a while and get the Busa Groove kicked back up.

I do have to admit, I miss goin out and tearin it up with everybody everyday.